Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is an efficient financial method of releasing cash that’s related to business invoices

Borrowing against outstanding invoices is method of improving a companies cash-flow


There are two standard industry financial solutions to invoice financing. The first FACTORING allows you to release money from invoices without waiting for payment. The second method is INVOICE DISCOUNTING, this comes with the same benefits of factoring, but you are responsible of maintaining the credit control of invoices with your customer, you still have to chase for invoices.

THE PROCESS – Our funders will pay you an agreed percentage of your outstanding invoices – Once payment is collected by the funder in full, any outstanding monies owed will be repaid to you less any outstanding fees.

STILL NOT SURE – Why not discuss options if your still not sure, invoice financing is not for every business, mainly it can be used during periods of reduced cash-flow. Many businesses would perform better if they could get paid right away, while still being profitable its a method of releasing quick cash that can be used in other areas of the business.

If your still in doubt, a confidential conversation is the best way forward, you can contact us on the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Stock-Trade Finance

Stock or trade finance is a method of releasing working capital stock or raw materials

Funders oversee or help facilitate companies purchase stock or raw materials when a manufacturing process is involved.

It is important to note that stock finance differs from straight funding of working capital as it relates to the movement, purchase and/or sale of goods, and services both domestically and international.

Domestic and international business Stock – Trade funding is related to the purchase of goods, raw materials or services. Stock-Trade finance differs from invoice financing.

Businesses can use lenders funds to purchase a product, the level of involvement differs from transaction to transaction and is specific to the business and regulatory requirements in many cases.

Domestic and cross border trade can be made easier though a stock based financial solution, from the outset its advisable to contact one of our professional advisors if you want further information on Stock or Trade finance, for the purposes of clarity both STOCK and TRADE Finance are similar used terminologies in this market, but can typically mean the same thing.

Business Loan

Business Loans are an amount of money borrowed – loans are repayable over a term by instalments

Business loans include interest and are payable to the funder, typically in monthly instalments

Nearly all business loans are repayable over a period of time, short, medium- longer-term loans are dependent on the sums in question.

Business loans can help an organisation in many ways, improved cash-flow, expansion plans also are well supported by a business loans, any bespoke requirements, also benefit from an extra injection of cash, at the right time.

Any business can apply for a business loan, consideration on the application process will entail financial searches, the provision of up to date accounts is also a standard requirement.

If your considering a loan and are not sure if a business loan is the correct financial solution for your business then please contact us for a confidential chat on your requirements.

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