Asset Finance

If you have an asset, its quite likley we can find a funder to support your financial needs

Commercial Asset Funding Markets

Cars, Plant Hire, Construction, Agriculture, Catering, Mining, TV and Music, Garages, Food Processing, Machinery, Renewable’s, Security, IT Equipment, Office Equipment, Telecoms, Waste, Printing, Medical Equipment, Trucks, Vans, Machine Tools, Industrial Equipment, Garage Equipment, Hotel Refurbishment, Restaurant and Cafe Refurbishment and Equipment, Mail-Room, Textiles, Gardening, Classic Cars.

If your industry is not on our list, don’t worry, with so many industries and assets in business, its impossible to list them all.

If you are in any doubt about any requirement we have specialist financial experts with over 30 years experience to help,  don’t hesitate to contact us for a private and confidential discussion on your financial requirements.

* Hire Purchase – Hired over the period of a contract, with an option to buy.

* Finance Lease – Assets remain the property of the finance company and the lessee pays for the hire of the asset or assets.

* Operating Lease – Is where the Lessor, permits the user to use an asset for a specified period within its life span and there is no transfer of ownership.

* Loans –  Money or assets are provided to a company as part of repayment program which includes interest.

* Residual Value Finance – While similar to other finance options, difference being, this type of finance takes into consideration the value of the asset at the end of the finance period.

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